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One Life to Live Crewneck

Image of One Life to Live Crewneck


One Life to Live Crewneck

STYLE: 01-0380-01
FABRIC: 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
WEIGHT: 9.5 oz.

M: 27' L x 22'' W x 34'' Sleeve
L: 29'' L x 24'' W x 35" Sleeve
XL: 30'' L x 26'' W x 36" Sleeve

About the One Life To Live Crewneck
Enjoy when people ask, "where did you get that?" Our One Life to Live crewneck is guaranteed to get people talking.

Inspired by the brilliant fluorescence of Amsterdam's Red Light District (wait..did I just say that?), this flawless crewneck will keep you comfortable on those cold Winter nights. More importantly, the perfectly executed illumination effect reminds us that even during our worst hours, our star power is more than enough to keep the darkest skies shining bright! DIE ENORMOUS.

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